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SVIMS Monthly Meeting
at Pacific Forestry Centre
Thursday, February 2, 2017


“An introduction to some commonly encountered Cup fungi, Morels and False morels and their kin”

Paul Kroeger

Paul Kroeger has studied mushrooms for over thirty-five years and is a founding member of the Vancouver Mycological Society. He’s considered a leading expert in field identification of mushrooms of western Canada and has made a special study of “little brown mushrooms” including magic mushrooms and their relatives. He’s been involved in many projects and studies about diverse aspects of mushrooms, furthering our knowledge about fungal biology and ecology as well as the biochemistry of toxic, hallucinogenic, medicinal and edible mushrooms. Years of experience create unique insights and understanding of fungal modes of life and interactions in temperate ecosystems. Kroeger has worked at the University of British Columbia researching the biochemistry of medicinal mushrooms. He is a major contributor to the mycological herbarium collections in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC and has been a research associate of UBC Department of Botany for many years. He’s also contributed significant collections to DAOM Herbarium in Ottawa and DAVFP Herbarium in Victoria. He is a regular consultant for the British Columbia Drug and Poison Information Centre, Centres for Disease Control, and various other agencies concerned with mushroom poisonings and fungi in human and animal health. Paul Kroeger has many times served as President of the Vancouver Mycological Society. He recently co-authored a book on the mushrooms of Haida Gwaii based on a five-year study. He is an entertaining and informative skilled speaker, who presents illustrated talks on subjects such as general mycology, basic mushroom identification, magic mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, and more. His February talk is about Ascomycetes: “An introduction to some commonly encountered Cup fungi, Morels and False morels and their kin”. The presentation, illustrated with about 100 images, is aimed at a novice or non-technically oriented audience. Many species of conspicuous or interesting Ascomycetes are illustrated and their ecology discussed. This presentation is specifically timed to get SVIMS members excited about these fungi, many of which show up in the springtime...

SVIMS Monthly Meeting
at Pacific Forestry Centre
Thursday, March 2, 2017


"Mushroom Mythbusters"

Danny Miller

We’re very excited to have the debonair and dynamic Danny Miller as our SVIMS March speaker. Danny first got interested in Mushrooms in 2007 after seeing strange colourful creatures in the forest all the time while hiking and skiing off trail, and finally deciding he had to find out what they were. The more he learned, the more interesting they seemed, and it just hasn't stopped. Danny is the Education Chair for the Puget Sound Mycological Society, helping to design and teach the curriculum for the club's mycology classes. He is also the club Librarian, and ID Committee co-ordinator and emergency poisoning point person for King County Washington Poison Control. Danny also belongs to the PNW Key Council, a group of amateur and professional mycologists and is a co-author of MatchMaker with Ian Gibson, the free PNW mushroom ID program for the PC and MAC. He has a big interest in taxonomy and figuring out where all of the mushrooms fit into the fungal tree of life. Learn about some of the most entertaining mushroom myths and the truths behind them.